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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Please note. this list is a work in progress. If you have a question and it is not answered here, please feel free to contact the proper department to help you in your quest.

When do the County Commissioners meet?

Meetings are held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 am in room 107, at the Scioto County Courthouse unless those days fall on a holiday. Please call 740.355.8202 for additional information.

Are Commissioners meeting minutes available to the public?

Yes, please give us a call before stopping into our offices so we may help you with any questions. Since our records may need time to look up and we are taking care of the entire county, we need advance notice. Please call 740.355.8202 for more information.

How can I express my concerns on an issue to the Board of County Commissioners?

You may call, write, or email any of the County Commissioners with questions or concerns. Please call 740.355.8202; email us @ Skip Riffe -; Doug Coleman -; Mike Crabtree - If you prefer to mail us, please send all questions, concerns or comments to 602 7th Street, Room 1, Portsmouth, Ohio 45662

How do I obtain a record of a past Board Meeting?

You may call and request a copy of a past board meeting. They are is kept in the Commissioners Journal, which will be copied. Each copy has a printing cost, so calling in advance will be helpful for both sides. We will know what to copy and you will know the cost of printing. All checks can be made payable to the Scioto County Commissioners.

Where is Scioto County located?

Scioto County is located in the Southern most part of the state.

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What is the mailing address for the Commissioners?

602 7th Street, Room 1, Portsmouth, Ohio 45662

What are the phone and fax numbers to reach Commissioners?

The general phone number is 740.355.8313. The Fax number is 740.353.7358.

I'm new to the area, how do I obtain utilities for my home ?

Click H E R E for our quicklist of contacts. The city water department is located in the Health Department at 605 Washington Street, Portsmouth OH 45662 on the third floor. This building is handicap accessible. Please call AEP or click on our utilities link in the relocation tab for Electric and Gas information. Sewage department is located in the Courthouse. Outside City limits you will want to call for sewage and water, click H E R E for our quicklist of trash removal busniesses.

Where do I get a marriage license?

Marriage Licenses are available at the Probate Court located in the Scioto County Sourthouse on the second floor at 602 7th Street Portsmouth, Ohio 45662-3998 Phone 740.355.8290 Fax 740.353.1095.

How do I obtain or renew a Notary Public License?

There are a few different steps to becoming a Notary Public. Public notaries are responsible for witnessing signatures on a variety of documents, from loan paperwork to legal papers. Notaries in the state of Ohio are charged with ensuring all parties signing documents show valid identification. Notary Publics work in a variety of settings, including banks, credit unions or as independent contractors. Those who are self-employed may offer mobile notary services, serving individuals unable to leave their homes.

  1. Ensure that you meet Ohio's requirements for becoming a notary public. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and reside in the state of Ohio -- as long as you have a permanent address and Ohio driver's license, you have met this requirement.
  2. Request an application packet from your County. In the state of Ohio, each County facilitates notary-public services. The Ohio Secretary of State Department has a list of County contact information .
  3. Complete and pass a background check. Your County will provide a criminal-background-check packet. Fill out the application and visit a local law enforcement office to get a set of fingerprints taken. Then, mail all materials to your county's notary department.
  4. Pass the Ohio state exam. First, request a study guide to focus your preparation efforts. This can be found at the Ohio Secretary of State website (see Resources). Once you feel prepared, contact the Ohio State Notary department at (614) 644-4559 to schedule your test.
  5. Register your notary services withthe Recorder at the County courthouse. This step must be completed before your services are considered valid.

Tips & Warnings:
Renew your notary public certification every five years. You must retake the Ohio state test and pay a fee of $15.

Don't forget to make name changes with the State of Ohio. Print off an addendum form from the State of Ohio's website.

Where do I get a birth certificate?

Your birth certificate, if you were born in Scioto County, is kept on file at the Health Department at 605 Washington Street, Portsmouth OH 45662 call 740.354.3241 for more information.

How do I register to vote?

Please go to the Board of Elections, located on the Seventh Street Entrance of the Scioto County Courthouse located 602 Seventh Street, Rm 105, Portsmouth, OH 45662. Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Monday thru Friday). Telephone: 740.353.4178 / Fax: (740) 355-8363. Director of the Board of Elections, Teresa Knittel. Deputy Director, Julia Gearheart.

Where can I find a list of Elected Officials?

Please go to the Board of Elections, located on the Seventh Street Entrance of the Scioto County Court house as you want throught the double doors. Location address 602 Seventh St., Rm 105 Portsmouth, OH 45662. Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Monday thru Friday).

How do I get in touch with Senior Services?

You can reach the Area Agency on Aging at The agency os located at 1644 11th Street Portsmouth, Ohio 45662. The Phone is 740.353.5263 Toll Free 1.800.582.7277

Where do I get my driver's license?

At the Ohio Buareau of Motor Vehicles, Agency # 7312. The address is 843 11th St. Portsmouth, OH 45662. The Phone is 740.353.2171. Hours of operation 8:00-6:30 on Monday; 8:00-5:00 Tuesday - Friday; 8:00-noon on Saturday.

A QR Code is a barcode that can be scanned using your Smartphone. Once scanned, QR Codes can load contact information and driving directions, initiate phone calls, launch URLs, and more. If you need a QR Code Reader for your Smartphone, visit your device's App Store and search for "QR Code".

Where is the post office?

The Portsmouth Post Office is located at 610 Gay Street. Phone is 740.353.2070. Please see this map below for directions.

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What do County Commissioners do?

All functions of County government and the publics expectations of how County government works, depend greatly on the actions and authority of the board of County Commissioners.

Of Ohio's 88 counties, 87 are governed by elected Boards of Commissioners. Each Board consists of three Commissioners who are elected to four-year terms.

Every County elected official - the sheriff, judges, prosecuting attorney, treasurer, auditor, clerk of courts, engineer, coroner, and recorder - rely on the County Commissioners for funding. County Commissioners must understand the responsibilities of each of these other county office holders. This allows them to allocate federal and state funds, as well as local tax revenue to these other offices using budget oversight.

Ohio's Boards of County Commissioners were created by the state legislature and may only perform functions authorized by state law.

County Commissioners today are key players in bringing new businesses and industries to their communities and keeping established employers from moving away. This means creating environments favorable for business growth and development -- using tax incentives and infrastructure planning tools more aggressively than ever before. Welfare reform, with the responsibility it gives counties to move unemployed Ohioans into jobs, has also put County Commissioners out front in local employment training and workforce development efforts.

County Commissioners now have the lead responsibility for delivering the bulk of human services that adults and children receive from government and doing so with limited funding from Columbus, Ohio and Washington, D.C.

Counties must now meet state-set benchmarks for moving unemployed residents into jobs. Welfare reform also means subsidizing child care and health care for recipients, even after they find jobs. All of this comes in addition to Counties ongoing responsibility for overseeing and funding alcohol, drug abuse and mental health services; enforcing child support orders; protecting abused and neglected children; and administering food stamps.

Environmental protection measures that affect the everyday lives of most Ohioans fall under the responsibility of County Commissioners. Ensuring safe drinking water and administering sewage treatment plants are the responsibilities of even the smallest of Counties. In 1988, Counties were given lead responsibilities in achieving state solid waste (trash) management goals. Counties are also heavily involved in such diverse efforts as industrial site cleanup and consumer recycling.

Who do I call if there is a dead deer on the road?

If there is a dead deer on a county road, not private property, our Litter Control picks them up as long as the deer is not torn in pieces. If the deer has been there a while, they will put lime on it. Please call the Commissioners' office and we will contact a Litter Control person. Please call the State Highway patrol on State Highways, Township trustees in your individual areas or the County Engineer.

Where do I transfer a Car Title?

Please go to the County Clerk of Courts in the Courthouse located at 602 Seventh Street, Room 205 in Portsmouth. Please call 740.355.8234 or 740.355.8279 with questions.

Where do I pay Taxes?

Taxes can be paid at the Scioto County Treasurer's Office. 602 7th St # 102 Portsmouth, OH 45662. Call (740) 355-8287 for more information.

Where do I get a sales tax license?

Licenses can be gotten at the Scioto County Auditor's Office, located in the courthouse at 602 Seventh Street, Room 103, Portsmouth, Ohio. Please call 740.355.8324 with any questions.

Who Collects Property Taxes?

Property Tax is collected by the Treasurer's Office, located at the Scioto County Courthouse 602 7th Street, Room 102 Portsmouth, OH 45662. Call (740) 355-8287 for more information.

Who do I contact about a question on my land or having it surveyed?

Please call the Scioto County Engineer's Office (740) 355-8265 or the County Engineer's Lucasville Garage at (740) 259-5541.

Who do we talk to if we want to adopt a child?

Adoptions are handled through the Juvenile Probate Court located in the Courthouse at 602 7th Street, Room 201, Portsmouth, Ohio 45662 please call 740.355.8290.

Who do I contact to report child abuse?

For Child abuse please first call the Sheriff's office located at 1025 Sixteenth Street Portsmouth, Ohio 45662. Dispatch number is 740.354.7566 and/or Children Services located at 3940 Gallia Street, New Boston, OH 45662. Please call them at 740.456.4164.

Where do I go for Public Assistance?

For Public assistance please contact the scioto county Department of Job and Family Services located 710 Court Street Portsmouth, Ohio (740) 354-6661

Does the County have an airport, if so where is it?

Yes, it is located in Minford, Ohio at 130 Barklow Road. Please call 740.820.2400 for additional information

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Where do I go if I want to register my discharge papers from the service?

Please go to the Scioto County Recorder's Office at 602 7th Street, Rooom 110, Portsmouth, Ohio 45662 or call 740.355.8304.

Who prosecutes crimes for the County?

The Prosecutor's Office prosecutes crimes committed in Scioto County. The Honorable Mark Kuhn is the Scioto County prosecutor. The office is located in the Courthouse at 602 Seventh Street, Room 310, Portsmouth, OH 45662. Please call us at 740.355.8215 for more information or email

Who advises elected officials, township trustees, and school boards on legal matters?

The Prosecutor's Office in Scioto County. The Honorable Mark Kuhn is the Scioto County prosecutor. The office is located in the Courthouse at 602 Seventh Street, Room 310, Portsmouth, OH 45662. Please call us at 740.355.8215 for more information or email

Who would I call if a Stop sign is missing?

Please call the Scioto County Engineer's Office at 740.355.8265 or the Lucasville Garage 740.259.5541.

Who do I call if a county bridge is in need of repair?

Please call the Scioto County Engineer's Office at 740.355.8265 or the Lucasville Garage 740.259.5541.

Who do I call about my deteriorating alley?

Please call one of your elected township trustees. Please call 740.355.8202 if this did not answer your question.

Who do I call about a bad road?

If it is on the highway, call the State Highway Garage. In the City, call the city of Portsmouth, in the County, the Scioto County Engineer's office.

Who selects Juries?

Juries are selected by the Scioto County Common Pleas Court. There is a Jury Pool Coordinator and names of potential jurors are drawn from a list of registered voters.

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